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Larry C. Renninger is Owner & President of Metal Buildings Direct, Inc. (MBD).  Metal Buildings Direct has experience with Structural Engineering, Metal Building Erection, and Metal Building Sales. Larry has over 38 years experience and has been an active member on various Builder Network Advisory Boards.



Capable of addressing the many needs of the three major segments of oil & gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream), however, IMSG primarily focuses upon midstream projects. Our main concentration is on natural gas and oil piping and associated equipment located between production facilities or well heads to refineries and gas purification plants.  Typical projects would be associated with the gathering, compression, processing, treating and metering of natural gas.



Experience in tackling maintenance and capital project needs of the petro-chemical industry within the Mid-Atlantic States, Ohio River Valley and in/around the Pittsburgh Tristate area.  We’ve worked on piping, tanks, vessels and specialized equipment - used in plant manufacturing processes - such as: polymers, pharmaceuticals, foods, beverage production facilities, power plants, oil refineries, natural gas processing and biochemical plants.  



Located in close proximity of the northern Pennsylvania tier of the hardwood industry, IMSG has experience in addressing a multitude of related projects.  With Pennsylvania being the largest producer of hardwoods in the country, accounting for 10% of the total hardwood output in the US, a number of processing plants are located within lands dedicated for growth, harvesting and production of lumber, pressed board, paper and related products, including manufactured modular home building.      



Maintenance, capital improvements and new construction is our focus as a key subcontractor within this industrial segment.  Both coal fired as well as natural gas plants require knowledgeable tradesmen working in concert with highly certified mechanical piping contractors. IMSG is focusing on forming relationships with firms engaged in new natural gas power plant construction - those dotting the Midwest/Mid-Atlantic and river valleys within – replacing closing coal-fired plants and competing/complimenting with those that will remain.



Mineral processing facilities require conveying, piping, boiler/kiln and specialized equipment, requiring routine maintenance and engineering upgrades. IMSG provides services to a collection of plant owners and operators who mine, process and/or manufacture crushed stone, ash/slag, sand, gravel and cementitious end products.